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Our story started in Solace as most do. The city was attacked by a newly formed dragon army. The army was looking for an urn that was unwittingly planted on one of the companions. The companions escaped south to a small forest to let the battle die down so they could escape north.

They traveled all the way to Palanthas and met with the aesthetics. They gave the companions a note from Astinus that contained information on where they should travel at what time to save him as well as money. After a HUGE spending spree :p they embarked on their journey.

On the way their ship was sunk and they ended up in an ancient city under the water with an air bubble maintained by magic. After some odd behavior Lothos recognized there was a portal that could lead them out of the city if it could be powered up. The companions fought through hordes of merfolk and dark knights to activate the portal.

This portal did not take them where they expected however. When they came to they found they had traveled back in time to Istar and were in the bodies of people close to the kingpriest. Through some persuasion the kingpriest opened the urn for the companions. Just before the devastation of the cataclysm the companions escaped through the portal in the tower of high sorcery in Istar.

This bought them to the edge of the Qualinesti forest. They were quickly discovered by draconian troops but before they could capture or kill the party they were saved by the elves. The party explained the quest to Gilthan the leader of the Qualinesti refugees. He offered to help them in thier efforts to attack Pax Tharkas. where some of the dragon army was stationed.

There was a huge battle between good and evil dragons the elves and some tower mages. The companions were able to infiltrate the fortress but they were unable to hold it. On the way back they found the refugee camp devistated by Alcanar son of Kitiara and Skye he is a monstrous blue dragon overloard. The companions sought the help of the Legion of Steel and the Knights of Solomnia. They attacked the fortress in force and were able to free Astinus however, they also stepped into the middle of a cosmic mistake.

It turns out Gilean had made a deal with Takhisis for something that is still unknown. Mina was to be the vessel of Takhisis’s resurrection but at the last moment Mishakal saved Mina by taking her place. While the gate to the river of souls was still open Takhisis was able to make motral bodies for her favorite soldiers throughout the ages with a special ore that came into existence during the creation of the world and is what everything in the world is molded from. For someone who knows the secret it is an easy process to make anything needed from the ore. After the bodies were made the souls were immediately attached. Thus Takhisis had been resurrected and her most powerful minions had been bought back in the same instant. The companions barely escaped.

After this the companions decided they would travel to the desolation in order to raid the lair of former dragon overloard Malystryx to fund future expeditions. During their travels they stopped in Kerndermore the home of the kender and began assisting in the re-construction. After a few days they continued on to the caves.

There they faced and defeated three red dragons but not without sustaining heavy injuries and the assistance of thier old friend the silver dragon moonlight. After the loot was claimed Lothos took the compainions back to Kendermore and dropped off thier items and summoned 3 green dragons to take them to the tower of high sorcery atop the mountain peak. There with the help of Kayliee and crysania they were able to uncover the eggs used in the creation of the tower and “cure” it. After this the gods of magic came down and granted a blessing by reconstruction the tower itself.

Lothos was able to claim this tower as his own after submitting to the test of the tower spirit. After reporting this information to Jenna an emergency conclave meeting was called.

Main Page

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